• 8/26/19 - A 1962 Farallone Clipper was recently sold in San Diego last month, which is believed to be #19 Sea Charger. If you have any details about this boat, please contact We’d love to hear from you and keep the information up-to-date.

Mistress ii leads Hana at the first mark in the Belvedere Classic.

Mistress ii leads Hana at the first mark in the Belvedere Classic.

  • 7/13/19 - In conditions ranging from calm and sunny to blowing 25 in the fog and back again, Mistress II and Hana competed in the Belvedere Classic Regatta (formerly the Great Schooner Race). Mistress II finished ahead, in spite of carrying around an extra bit of the bay in her bilge with a sprung plank. She is currently being repaired and will be back on the water soon.

  • 6/23/19 - The annual Wooden Boat Show, hosted by the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon, CA was held over a sunny weekend. #1 Patita II and #15 Hana were on display for the crowds to learn about the history of the boats and admire the work and care that goes into keeping them sailing.

Hana and Mistress II mixing it up in the annual Master Mariners Regatta, 2019

Hana and Mistress II mixing it up in the annual Master Mariners Regatta, 2019

  • 5/25/19 - The annual Master Mariners regatta saw close competition between four clippers, Hana, Mistress II, Credit and Ouessant in fair wind conditions. Hana took the FC trophy this year after battling with Mistress II the entire afternoon, often within feet of each other. There was also a nice write-up in Latitude 38.

Fade Away before her cross-country journey
  • 3/4/19 - #3 Fade Away has a new home in Charleston, SC, making the overland trip after her owner moved from Southern California.

  • 3/1/18 - "The Resilience of Jennifer Hinkel" - Cancer survivors race toward healing and reclamation -Wooden Boat Magazine Mar/April issue. Jennifer and her Resilience Racing program got a nice write-up in this month's Wooden Boat magazine. Detailing her efforts at recovery and the formation of her FC racing team, the article also discusses the history of the Farallone Clipper fleet. #14 Ouessant and #12 Mistress II are featured.

  • 10/28/17 - #7 VIP continued her winning ways in this year's Jessica Cup, hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club. The traditional wooden boat race occurred in mixed conditions of dense fog and spotted sun, but fair wind and moderate current. Four clippers raced in two legs along the San Francisco waterfront in the Farallone Clipper class. Congratulations Don Taylor for winning both legs!



  • 12/1/16 - #7 VIP and #8 Credit graced the cover of this month's Latitude 38 magazine.  Beautiful shot!

  • 10/22/16 - Under a clear sky along the San Francisco waterfront, three Farallone Clippers (#7 VIP, #8 Credit, and #15 Hana) made the start of the annual Jessica Cup, hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club.  Congratulations to Don Taylor on VIP for winning both legs! 

  • 7/15/16 - #16 has a new owner and a new name!  "Beatnik" had been languishing for years in a boat yard in New Zealand and was close to being broken up.  She has been recently purchased and is undergoing an extensive restoration in Tauranga, NZ.  We're excited that another Clipper is getting new life, and look forward to her relaunch!

  • 5/28/16 - The 2016 Master Mariners Regatta was a great success, with five Farallone Clippers at the start line in the Ocean 2 class - #7 VIP, #8 Credit, #11 Mistress II, #14 Ouessant, and #15 Hana.  It was a beautiful, windy day with over 60 vintage wooden boats participating.  Credit took second (and won the Farallone Clipper cup) and Ouessant took third.

  • 5/15/16- #8 Credit is featured as the 2016 Master Mariner's t-shirt design, in a painting by artist Jim Whitman.  

  • 4/30/16 - This year's Great Vallejo Race saw the entry of two Farallone Clippers, #7 VIP skippered by Don Taylor and #11 Mistress II skippered by Jennifer Hinkel. While the race is usually a glorious spinnaker run through the San Pablo Bay, the weather as it was made this year's race upwind in both directions, with hardly a spinnaker in sight, and tidal conditions creating challenges for all skippers.  Saturday, VIP took an early lead over Mistress II before the Richmond Bridge, but got stuck in the mud after turning the corner into the Mare Island Strait, leading to a DNF and 10 points, while Mistress II fared only slightly better coming in 7th (7 points). The race was a long one, with decent winds but a nasty ebb that lasted all day during the upwind slog. After a fine party at Vallejo Yacht Club on Saturday night and the two Farallone Clippers rafted up next to each other in the harbor, Sunday's start saw a huge ebb and light breeze in the Mare Island Straits which put many boats over the line early. Both Clippers were scored DNF for Sunday's race, along with many other boats that faced getting caught in the mud (including a few only a feet from the finish line). Beware the shallows of San Pablo Bay!

  • 4/17/16 - #15 Hana is being relaunched at Spaulding Boatworks in Sausalito, CA after a lengthy rebuilding of her hull. Restoration on her topsides will continue throughout the year.

  • 4/14/16 - #10 Hoyden II has a nice write up in Riverside Magazine this month. The online version of the article can be found at

  • 4/2/16 - #14 Ouessant is back in the water! Final fitting to continue to prepare for the Master Mariners race at the end of May.

  • 2/26/16 - After being abandoned in New Zealand for many years, #16 Circe may have a new life with a new restoration. Details to follow in the next few months.

  • 12/14/15 - #3 Fade Away is for sale. After many years of care, the owner is looking for a responsible buyer to take over her stewardship. Please call (310) 804-4837 for more information.

  • 12/11/15 - The insurance case for #14 Ouessant has settled and the repairs can begin! She was damaged in a racing accident on May 17, 2014 and mediation has been ongoing. Details of the incident can be found here: She should be relaunched in March, 2016